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Mircea Halaciuga Esq, - President



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                  Str. Arh. Hirjeu nr. 10 Bucharest, Romania 0040.72.458.1078

                      6250 W. Flamingo Rd. # 31 Las Vegas NV. 89103  U.S.A.

          Serban Mircea   HALACIUGA

·        Excellent communication skills in English and Romanian.

·        Expert knowledge in commerce and business development.

·        Expertise in Eastern European markets (Citizens &  Governance, Mobility Programs). 

·        Project Co-coordinator for the European Commission Research Programs (FP6/7).

·        Individual Expert for The European Commission (citizens-1, sustaining dev.   Engineering, Law and Business degrees, Int’l Commercial Arbitrator.

PRESENT : Vice President, Unione Camere Esperti Europei; President, Arbitration & Contract Mediation Agency-confidential LLC- Founder, General   Administrator. International Arbitration Judge,  VP –  The Society of Oil & Gas Engineers                                     

Founder/President, PROXEMIS-Global Crisis Management Association. (NGO)

Media Physics Inc., Bay Point,  USA                                                                                                           1994-2001

Director International Strategic Development, International Arbitrator.

Supervised team of engineers and technicians in the field of Environmental Protection studies in both divisions, in the US and Romania. Managed people, facilitated  meetings, led team in solving problems, developed business, brought new customers and revenue. Developed a network of contacts at Government level and business community in Romania. International arbitrator.



EURATOM - EEC, Ispra, Italy                                                                  1985-1994

Senior Consultant, International Arbitrator.

Coordinated international project  pertaining to environmental safety. Supervised projects at sites in Italy, Germany and France. Brought project in on time and within budget. Analyzed financial forecasting and accounting. Implemented a work plan that successfully and cost-effectively transferred technologies from EURATOM to the client base in various industries. International arbitrator, commercial and maritime litigation.



                             BECHTEL - San Francisco, USA                                                            1977-1985


Senior Staff Consultant.

Conducted Cogeneration analysis and project development. Coordinated technical and marketing team. Participated in marketing strategies and built a large customer base. Communicated effectively with clients and contractors.


Department of Industry and Commerce , Bucharest Romania               1971-1976


Deputy Director


Developed  policy and maintained functional control over several industries (chemical, metallurgical, heavy machinery) . Professor, Community College, metallurgical technology and materials science.


U.S. and Romanian Citizen with residences in both countries.

Able to travel, relocate , very flexible.


Please use this identification code in your correspondence with the European Commission concerning the roster of experts: 6d0650495118266fb70bbc19697c74


Areas of expertise

  • 0601 - Development economics
  • 0619 - Business management
  • 0715 - Conflict prevention and restoration of peace
  • 1006 - Judicial cooperation

Services provided

  • 01 - Sectoral policy design
  • 02 - Project / programme planning
  • 03 - Project / programme identification
  • 04 - Project / programme feasibility studies
  • 08 - Risk management consultancy
  • 09 - Project management / coordination
  • 10 - Project / programme implementation / management
  • 17 - Drafting of legislation


      .    International Bar Association, Judges Chambers

      .    Washington Foreign Law Society

      .    Unione Camere Esperti Europei  (UCEE), VICEPRESIDENT

      .    Chatham House member

      .    Council of Foreign Affairs  (CFR)

      .    Central European Network  (CEINet)

      .    Scientific INformAtion for Policy Support in Europe (SINAPSE)

        .    Sloane School of business fellow.


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